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Our meticulously crafted packages are designed to provide a comprehensive cocktail experience. Each package is thoughtfully tailored to your guest count and comprises a specific number of servings. Additionally, you'll have the pleasure of savoring one bespoke cocktail option, selecting one Nightcap signature cocktail, and indulging in 2-4 classic cocktail choices (the exact number depends on the package size).

Our packages also encompass 3-4 hours of dedicated service, a personalized menu, a professional bar set-up, seasoned bartenders and assistants, and an exclusive pre-event tasting session for two. Please note that the transportation fee is not included and will be calculated separately.

The transportation fee is determined based on several factors, including distance, travel time, fuel costs, toll fees, logistics, and staffing requirements. We maintain fixed rates for different cities, so please don't hesitate to inquire, and we'll promptly provide you with the applicable rate.

To secure your event date, we request a reservation fee of Php 10,000. This fee will be deducted from the total package rate. Please be aware that the reservation fee is non-refundable should you decide not to proceed with the event booking.

Following the payment of the reservation fee, we will arrange a pre-event tasting session to fine-tune cocktail choices, flavor preferences, and package details.

A 50% down payment is then needed to confirm your event reservation, with the remaining balance to be settled at least two weeks before your event. This process ensures a smooth collaboration for your special occasion.

Before your event, we arrange a special pre-event tasting session to ensure that the cocktails we serve align with your preferences. Here's how it works:

We'll send you a tasting form ahead of time, allowing you to select which cocktails you'd like to sample during the session. This gives you a firsthand taste of the cocktails that will grace your event.

Additionally, the tasting form includes a bespoke cocktail questionnaire. This questionnaire captures your preferences and desires for a personalized cocktail, serving as the foundation for crafting a unique, exclusive drink tailored just for you.

On the day of the tasting session, join us, and our skilled bartenders will be ready to create your personalized bespoke cocktail and prepare the cocktails you selected from the tasting form. This session ensures that every drink perfectly matches your taste preferences, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. It's a collaborative and enjoyable experience that helps us create a memorable menu tailored just for you.

Our tasting room is situated in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

A bespoke cocktail is a one-of-a-kind, custom-crafted drink tailored to your specific preferences and event theme. We draw inspiration from your inputs, such as favorite flavors, ingredients, and even the theme of your occasion, to design a personalized, exclusive cocktail that perfectly complements your event.

Yes, we also provide zero-proof cocktail options.

While this option is available, we don't recommend it based on past events. Our cocktails are known for their exceptional taste, and even light drinkers often find them quite appealing. We've observed that guests who initially don't plan to consume a lot of alcohol often change their minds once they savor our cocktails. Therefore, it's challenging for us to guarantee that the servings included in a smaller package will be sufficient for all your guests.

Certainly, you can request additional servings beyond the initial package, but this would entail upgrading to the next package tier. It’s important to have this discussion during the pre-event tasting session. It's worth noting that due to our commitment to using fresh ingredients, we cannot provide extra servings during the event itself.

We don't offer unlimited drinks packages as our focus is on delivering top-quality beverages made with premium and fresh ingredients. To maintain the highest standards of taste and quality, we provide a fixed number of servings in each package. This ensures that every cocktail served is a delightful experience.

Yes, we provide complimentary bottle handling services for your own liquor. However, please inform us in advance so that we can bring extra ice. The glassware for this would be provided by you or your caterer.

Certainly, you have the option to extend the service time during your event for an additional fee of Php 5,000 per hour. The decision to extend can be made on the spot during the event, depending on the availability of remaining cocktail servings.

You are welcome to request to keep any remaining cocktails. However, please note that we will transfer these cocktails into bottles, and we will request that you sign a waiver. This is because our cocktails are crafted using fresh ingredients, and we cannot guarantee that their taste will remain the same over an extended period.

Our Le Blanc and Le Noir bar set-up typically require a 2x3 meter space.